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Grout Injection

If you are experiencing problems with cracks in your foundation and or water leaking in your basement we can help. With over 40 years experience we are experts in concrete crack repairs in foundations whether they be residential or commercial.

Our expertise will allow us to evaluate and identify where the water is leaking from and find the foundation crack and then find a lasting solution to your water problem.

Unfortunately a foundation crack causing water leakage cannot be fixed by applying cement over it. It must be fixed by using one of two products namely epoxy or urethane injections.

The use of polyurethane grouts is not new; they have been in use for 25 years. Chemical technology of polyurethanes has improved greatly since then. Dual component urethanes are now engineered to fill voids and provide structural support. Leaking cracks or honeycombed areas in below grade structures often require injecting through the structure to form a barrier.

We have successfully used this technique in potable water reservoirs, wastewater reservoirs, swimming pools, tunnels, and parking garages. Injecting polyurethanes can stop leaks, fill voids, provide structural support, and stabilize soils. This is an effective way of restoring concrete and stopping the deterioration that moisture can cause to steel reinforcements. The application methods are varied, but are minimally intrusive.

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